Organic Eggs: Source of Protein & Nutrients For Healthy Lifestyles

Sparks Eggs features two outstanding brands.


The Gold Egg brand features 5 types of Grade A eggs that are designed to support healthy lifestyles, including Free Run, Grain Fed, Omega 3, Omega Choice and Organic Fed eggs. The product line also includes three choices for liquid eggs – Just Egg Whites, Free Run Egg Whites and Golden Egg Whites.

  • Free Run Eggs - Hens in open, cage-free environments produce free run eggs
  • Grain Fed Eggs - Hens that have been fed a special grain diet produce grain fed eggs
  • Omega 3 Eggs - Omega 3 eggs have been produced by hens fed a fortified multi-grain diet in order to enhance essential nutrients like Omega 3
  • Omega Choice with Lutein/Zeaxanthin Eggs - Omega Choice eggs have enhanced levels of omega-3, DHA omega-3 and anti-oxidants lutein/zeaxanthin
  • Organic Fed Eggs - Our Organic Fed eggs are laid by hens fed 100% certified organic feed


The Farmer’s Finest brand features four Grade A egg products to meet consumer interest in healthy lifestyle and intelligent food choices.

Farmer’s Finest eggs consist of four products to meet consumer interest in healthy lifestyle and intelligent food choices.

  • Comfort Coop Eggs -  Hens in larger cages with freedom to express natural behaviours produce Comfort Coop eggs
  • Organic Eggs - Hens fed 100% certified organic rations produce Organic eggs
  • Free Run Eggs - Hens in cage-free environment roaming freely in an open concept barn produce free run eggs
  • Free Range Eggs - Hens roaming freely with access to the outdoor produce free range eggs


Poultry Specialist

A Word from our Poultry Specialist

Ken Severson is the Nutrition and Poultry Specialist for Sparks Eggs. Ken takes care to make sure the hens and pullets are fed a balanced diet, and to safeguard their health and welfare.

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Food Safety & Animal Welfare

The 4 Pillars

At Sparks Eggs we respect 4 important pillars of responsibility.

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