A Day in the Free Run Barn

A day in the Free Run Barn is always entertaining; the hens have very distinctive personalities and they are very social creatures - they thrive in environments where they are able to cluster in groups, enjoying the company of other hens.


Despite being small, white Leghorn hens are productive layers. These hens lay white eggs. We also raise Rhode Island Red hens which lay brown eggs. 


Hens begin egg production at five to six months (19 weeks) of age and continue to lay for about 12 months. A hen will lay approximately 320 eggs during its laying cycle. We raise multiple flocks, staggered in age, so we have a steady supply of layers and eggs to market.


Each stage of a hen's development requires special care and attention. Chicks are hatched at hatcheries, then we raise them in our pullet barn (pullets are less than 19 weeks of age). 


In addition to light, a well balanced diet, fresh water and comfortable surroundings are essential for a hen's health and egg production. Their diet consists of grains, proteins, vitamins, minerals and plenty of fresh water.


Every aspect from feed to egg collection is controlled and monitored by our poultry specialists so the hens have a comfortable, safe environment, as close to natural as possible.


Day in Free Run Barn


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Poultry Specialist

A Word from our Poultry Specialist

Ken Severson is the Nutrition and Poultry Specialist for Sparks Eggs. Ken takes care to make sure the hens and pullets are fed a balanced diet, and to safeguard their health and welfare.

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Food Safety & Animal Welfare

The 4 Pillars

At Sparks Eggs we respect 4 important pillars of responsibility.

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