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The Farmer’s Finest brand consist of four Grade A egg products to meet consumer interest in healthy lifestyle and intelligent food choices.

Comfort Coop Eggs - Comfort Coop eggs are produced by hens in larger, enriched cages with freedom to express natural behaviours in a comfortable resting area. Comfort coops include a scratch pad area and a nesting area plus additional space to allow the birds to express a wider range of behaviour. Comfort Coop eggs are an excellent source of protein and 11 essential nutrients and they are one of the few food sources of vitamins A, D and K.
Organic Eggs – Organic eggs are exceptionally tasty and packed with essential nutrients. Farmer’s Finest Organic eggs are produced by hens that dine exclusively on certified organic feed which meets OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association) specifications on organic standards, such as grain produced on pesticide free land, does not contain genetically modified grains, etc. Our specially formulated feed contains no medications, preservatives, additives, hormones or antibiotics.
Free Range Eggs - Free Range eggs are produced by hens that move about with very little restriction in a cage-free, open concept barn with access to roam outdoors. Perches are situated at different levels so the hens can choose to sit at a low level, perhaps in a more sheltered area, or at higher levels overlooking the other hens. Nesting boxes are located throughout the barn. Access to outdoors allows the hens to express natural behaviour by scratching and pecking in the dirt and eating insects. It also gives them exposure to sunlight for vitamin D, which is reflected in increased levels in the eggs.
Free Run Eggs – Farmer’s Finest Free Run eggs are produced by hens in open, cage-free environments roaming freely in an open concept barn. They enjoy all the advantages of Free Range hens with the exception of access to outdoors. They are able to socialize and move about the barn without restriction, and they have a varied selection of nesting areas to choose from.









Poultry Specialist

A Word from our Poultry Specialist

Ken Severson is the Nutrition and Poultry Specialist for Sparks Eggs. Ken takes care to make sure the hens and pullets are fed a balanced diet, and to safeguard their health and welfare.

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Food Safety & Animal Welfare

The 4 Pillars

At Sparks Eggs we respect 4 important pillars of responsibility.

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