At Sparks Eggs we take pride in the work we do, pride in our employees, pride in our associates and the farmers that we work with, and pride in our history. We have grown from a small farm to become one of the largest egg producers in Alberta, operating the grading station that manages 50% of distribution of egg products in the province. In 35 years of operation we have never had to do a product recall. 


It takes diligent attention at every level to maintain this performance level - it's not something that we take for granted. We have comprehensive programs in place to check and control our progress at every step throughout our production in all facilities. The integrity of our equipment is routinely verified. We are constantly monitoring the farmers we work with and our feed suppliers to verify their care and safety procedures to minimize the risk of introducing contaminants into our facilities. We also place a tremendous emphasis on employee training and leadership development.


Sparks was the first egg producer in Alberta to incorporate the printing of Best Before dates on our products. This demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the freshest, highest quality egg. The process involves inkjet printing each egg after it has been washed and candled with a Health Canada approved vegetable based food grade ink. Our specialty eggs, including Free Run, Grain Fed, and Omega 3 eggs, are stamped to ensure the consumer is getting the premium product they are paying for.


In addition to our regular internal audits, we are registered with several internationally recognized associations to independently audit and assess our operational procedures, ensuring that we stay on track with recommended best practices and to certify our performance.


Sparks Eggs is certified for HACCP, BRC, Start Clean-Stay Clean™, SPCA, Canada Organic and CSI.







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Poultry Specialist

A Word from our Poultry Specialist

Ken Severson is the Nutrition and Poultry Specialist for Sparks Eggs. Ken takes care to make sure the hens and pullets are fed a balanced diet, and to safeguard their health and welfare.

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Food Safety & Animal Welfare

The 4 Pillars

At Sparks Eggs we respect 4 important pillars of responsibility.

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