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On August 9, 2011, the Gilani Family and Sparks Eggs hosted the Grand Opening of the Severson Free Run Barn – a state-of-the-art, Free Run egg laying facility south of Westlock, Alberta. This facility has been built with a focus on sustainable eco-efficient solutions, biosecurity and animal welfare.

  • Eco-friendly innovations in construction design;
  • Concrete walls and flooring (minimizes risks from pests);
  • Boleg Terrance system supplied by Vencomatic;
  • Hens free to move throughout the barn, perch, nest and achieve many other behaviours that minimize stress on the hens;
  • A pullet barn and 2 laying barns under the same roof, simplifying flock rotations and minimizing the energy required to heat the pullet barn.


At Severson we have a capacity for more than 50,000 layer hens. We take care to ensure they are comfortable and have the ability to socialize and express natural behaviours. Working with poultry specialists and veterinarians, we are proactive in maintaining the health of our hens. Their diet includes grains, proteins, vitamins, minerals and easy access to fresh water.


The Severson Free Run Barn is certified for HACCP, BRC, Start Clean-Stay Clean™. Start Clean-Stay Clean is an egg producers' program aimed at eliminating opportunities for salmonella endertitis on the farm. It includes:

  • buying pullets, feed and supplements from suppliers with disease prevention programs in place;
  • setting up restricted zones - generally the laying house, the egg collection room and the cooler where personnel movement is kept to a minimum and special clothing and cleaning procedures are established;
  • pressure washing and sanitizing walls, ceilings, rafters, fans, heaters, cages, drinkers, and feeders;
  • removing manure regularly and frequently;
  • monitoring and maintaining proper ventilation, air temperature and moisture levels;
  • frequent egg collection and quick removal of dirty, cracked or broken eggs;
  • storing collected eggs in a cooler or cool room at 11° to 12° C;
  • monitoring flock health by recording feed and water intake, rate of lay, egg quality, bird behaviour and appearance.

The SPCA Certified program is an independent animal welfare certification system that includes:

  • Annual and random farm inspections by third party, professional validators
  • Independent, expert review panel determines farm certification status
  • Formulation of standards by specialists in animal welfare and behaviour

Our facility is inspected regularly, both internally and by independent certifying agencies, to help us to ensure that we are following program requirements.


The Severson Free Run Barn  is located 1.6 km east and 400m north of the intersection of Highway 44 and Township Road 580.


In order to avoid risk of introducing health hazards or frightening the hens, tours inside the layer barn are not possible.



Directions to Severson Free Run Barn:


Located near Township Road 580 and Highway 44

Proceed 1.6 km east on Township Road 580

Proceed 0.4 km north on Range Road 264

Barn is on your right


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